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Program Information:


WVA Brochure (PDF)




WVA Application (PDF)



Workplace Violent Act Insurance (WVA)
Stand Alone Program
$50.25M Total Aggregate Limits

Workplace violence is an increasing risk to businesses. These type of events are happening more frequently and all businesses are vulnerable, whether it is a casual office setting or an establishment with late hours and frequent customers.



Injury is an obvious potential loss, but residual community concerns may impact revenue and future growth. Standard insurance policies may not provide the relief for a depleted revenue stream with related costs because there is no covered peril to trigger those policies.


WVA Coverage:


B. BODILY INJURY - Up to $30M Limits

C. PROPERTY DAMAGE - Up to $1M Limits

D. RESPONSE EXPENSES (corresponding Incident Response Expenses for each of the coverages outlined above)

WVA Features:

  • Coverage Triggers - Violent Act Event, Threat Event, Stalking Event and Off-Site Employee Event
  • Deadly Weapons - any firearm, vehicle, device, instrument, material or substance used that is calculated or likely to produce death or physical injury
  • Radius Expansion - if purchased, includes coverage for Business Interruption and certain Response Expenses when a workplace violent event occurs 1 - 5 miles from the building at a Covered Location
  • Threat Event - Business Interruption, Response Expenses and Bodily Injury for brandishing of a deadly weapon at a Covered Location
  • Stalking Event - Crisis Management, counseling services and/or security services for conduct or behavior considered threatening or with intent to do harm towards an employee and reported to government authorities (up to 90 days)
  • Offsite Employee - Response Expenses for use of a deadly weapon against an employee that caused bodily injury, while the employee is within the course and scope of employment
  • Medical Payments - reasonable and necessary medical expenses incurred to a third party on a sub-limited basis

  • Crisis Consultants:

    Many businesses see the red flags, but fail to act early enough. SRM is available to assist during the early states to develop intervention strategies to alter or influence the outcomes. For the unexpected events, SRM is available 24/7 for immediate crisis response. Separately, they can help with the following during normal business hours:

    • Preparation - mock training/drill resources, threat assessment tools and more
    • Awareness - mental health/ADA, sensitive employee discipline or termination, stalking or threatening behaviors and more
    • Response - media strategy and control, counseling services, security services and more
    • Recovery - remarketing efforts, rebuilding community trust, dynamic customer outreach and more



    This page is not intended to be a representation of coverage. See policy wording for details. All coverage features are still subject to individual underwriting and certain coverage features may be restricted.


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