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Insurance Agents E&O

Insurance Agents
Errors & Omissions (E&O)

Miscellaneous Errors & Omissions (E&O)

Limits Available Up To $2M/$4M + $1M DOL (For Qualified Risks)

Every company needs Errors & Omissions (E&O) coverage. At some point in a company's lifespan, a mistake will happen... a liability will occur... and a customer will sue.

Don't be misled that a GL policy will pick up a negligent act, error, omission.

That's why your clients need Miscellaneous E&O.

Claims Made and Reported.

Coverage provided by certain underwriters at Lloyd's

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Insurance Sectors

Actuaries (excluding P&C Insurance Companies)
Insurance Adjusters
Insurance Agents
Insurance Investigators

Insurance Consultants
Loss Adjusters & Assessors
Personal & Property Appraisers
Premium Finance Company
Risk Management Consultants

New business insurance agents considered in 44 states on a Retroactive Date Inception (RDI) basis.
States unavailable for coverage: AL, FL, LA, NC, SC, Miss.

No matter how ridiculous any claim may seem, your client can find themselves paying hefty legal fees and damages that could be covered with E&O Insurance.

Speak with an Underwriter today: 800.761.7547

Monday - Friday 8:30AM - 5:30PM CST

For ALL Professions & Information refer to our

E&O Service Listings

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Loss Control Consultants -

Specialty Risk Management   , Inc. (SRM   ). 

SRM's Loss Control Consultants are available to Insureds throughout the policy period to help mitigate and control exposures and events.

We work with you to identify exposures and potential ways to avoid or minimize issues, lessening the impact to your business. We are a resource in the areas of loss control, customer complaints, professional and contractual standards, risk management and others.

SRM has consistently provided a combination of services to our client base in a wide range of industries for over 17 years through our Loss Control Consulting Service. SRM is staffed with experienced professionals who are licensed in the field of Loss Control and Risk Management at the State and National level.

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  • SRM can assist with a variety of topics including loss control procedures, document review, (contracts), and sample templates of written communications for Insured's to use as needed.

  • Unlimited Telephone access to independent and licensed Loss Control Consultants 

  • Experience working with a variety of government agencies (FDA, Health Departments, EPA, State & Local Health Departments, FBI, Police, etc...)

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This page is not intended to be a representation of coverage. See policy wording for details. All coverage features are still subject to individual underwriting and certain coverage features may be restricted.

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