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Workplace Violent Act (WVA)

WVA is a multifaceted stand-alone active shooter and violent act coverage created to respond to violent act events, violent act threat events, off-site employee violent events as well as stalking. The policy provides a Period of Restoration up to 18 months for a covered event and provides both first and third-party coverages that include: business interruption, incident response expenses, third party bodily injury liability, and property damage.


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Workplace Violence Act
New Business Submissions Terms & Conditions:

DATES AND SPONSOR: The Commission Program starts on November 21st, 2023 and ends on January 31st, 2024 (the “Program Period”). The Program is subject to all relevant federal, state, and local laws, regulations, and ordinances. Void where prohibited by law. This Program is sponsored by PLIS Wholesale Division (“Sponsor”).

WHO CAN PARTICIPATE: Participants in the Program must be licensed insurance sub-producers of Sponsor, who are authorized to sell insurance products, as of the start of the Program Period.

HOW TO RECEIVE INCREASED COMMISSION: To receive increased commission, the participant must bind a new policyholder in connection with an applicable Insurance Product, as described herein, during the Program Period.

For purposes of this Program, a sale shall be considered a “Qualifying Sale” provided:

  1. The customer is not an existing policyholder placed through PLIS Wholesale (new business submissions only);

  2. The customer purchases the Workplace Violence Act Insurance Product;

  3. The Insurance Policy is issued in the United States or District of Columbia; and

  4. The Insurance Policy remains in effect and is not canceled within the first fourteen (14) days following inception.

PROGRAM DETAILS: If a qualifying sale is made during the Program Period, then the participant will receive up to 12.5% total commission (inclusive of standard commission rate) on ALL the insurance products listed above.

Participants understand and agree that all commissions return to standard levels at the time of renewal.


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