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Recall Crisis Recovery PLUS (RCR+)

Product recall events happen regularly. A company's goods being recalled can expose the company to bankruptcy without product recall coverage.

The FDA reported 9,199 Recalled Products (Class I, II, III) in 2017.

All it takes is one recall to cause a total disaster.

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Is Your Client's Company At Risk?

There is always a chance of a malicious contamination or an accidental contamination - unintentional error by the Insured provided that the consumption or use of such Insured's product has led or would lead to bodily injury. There are a multitude of exposures to account for on a regular basis. Recalls are costly and can have a severe impact on the company’s revenues and brand name.

Recall Crisis Recovery PLUS (RCR+)

Limits Available Up To $5M/$5M

All Manufactured Consumer Goods Considered Including Food & Beverage

Coverage provided by certain underwriters at Lloyd's


What is Recall Crisis Recovery PLUS (RCR+)

RCR+ is a reimbursement policy for business interruption and extra expenses such as 1) crisis management expenses, 2) product rehabilitation and

3) recall expenses  such as - public relation, additional staff, transportation, etc. during or following an accidental or malicious contamination. 

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See Recalls In Your State!

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Active Recalls and Alerts in 2020-2021:

  • Public Health Alert for Tyson Foods Inc. Recalls Ready-To-Eat Chicken due to Possible Listeria (July 13, 2021)

 The Best Protection Is Prevention 

Since 1997, Specialty Risk Management Inc   , (SRM   ) has been providing a team of crisis consultants available to Insureds throughout the policy period to help mitigate and control exposures and events.

SRM's Crisis Management Team is crucial to the Insured's survival before, during, and after a recall or outbreak to respond to unfolding events and to rebuild your client's brand and revenue.

SRM is a closely integrated team with specific expertise in the areas of: Recall Regulations, Food Law, Public Health Law, Communicable Disease/Pathology, Media Management, Marketing Response, Business Response, Business Recovery, etc.

Insured's have exclusive access to SRM, a valuable resource including:

  • 24/7 - 365 Days Crisis Hotline for the Insured

  • Assistance with FDA/USDA interaction, regulatory requirements, media control, customer response and interaction, effective restoration and marketing, and other recovery efforts.

  • On-going support throughout the year for questions and projects.

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This page is not intended to be a representation of coverage. See policy wording for details. All coverage features are still subject to individual underwriting and certain coverage features may be restricted.

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